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Innovation Hub welcomes summer camp for stem learning



Little Rock, Arkansas – Even though summer programs are in full swing, schools are not. This year, Innovation Hub is providing kids with activities that stimulate their minds and foster creativity.

According to Elizbeth Whitley, the Innovation Hub’s director of education, they have successfully completed three distinct scientific projects involving kids thus far.

“We actually put a very big emphasis on the arts portion of that, just making sure that everything that they’re doing with the science and technology that they can also express themselves creatively,” Whitley said.

Students are introduced to something new every week, according to her. They finished a shadow class this week where they told a tale with the help of light and toy animal shadows.

First-year volunteer Jason Johnson says he’s teaching kids how to make general topics entertaining this summer.

“She’s the duck detective and we kind of hunt people for not paying their taxes” Johnson said.

Every day, students can present their work to their parents, according to the organizers, who are optimistic that every child will depart happy.

“This place is probably the awesome camp I ever went to,” Winnie Hasler said.


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