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Jailed over failure to appear on a traffic charge, pregnant woman not allowed to go to hospital then gives birth in jail and the baby dies



Every inmate has constitutional right for medical help regardless of the type of crime they are jailed for, but this hasn’t been the case with this pregnant woman who was not allowed to go to hospital despite the fact that she had contractions and she was about to give birth at the time.

The incident occurred last month in Florida when the pregnant E. Thompson was arrested for two active warrant charges of felony violation of probation and failure to appear on a traffic charge. At the time when she was jailed, she was in her mid-pregnancy and she was not expecting to give birth.

As soon she started to feel the moment is coming, she notified the prison nurses, but no one took her seriously, thinking that she is using her pregnancy to get out of the cell for a while. Thompson was six months pregnant and the prison nurse didn’t believe her that she has contractions despite the fact that Thompson already have children and was able to recognize the symptoms.

“I’m steady like, I’m going to have my baby. I’m screaming. I’m going to have my baby, please get me out of here. I feel like I’m going to have my baby. When I said that, I felt like all bets where off, everybody needs to be coming in here trying to check on me and see what’s going on. I’ve had kids before, so I know exactly how it feels. I’m about to have my baby, I’m not just talking,” she said.

Thompson was left on her own. Since she didn’t get the so needed medical attention, she was left without any other option and decided to give birth in the cell. As soon as the prison nurse saw the situation is serious, she came to help her and had them clip and cut the umbilical cord and stuff, but there was no additional medical help.

According to Thompson, her daughter was alive when she was transported to the hospital, but doctors told her, the baby was too small.

“They didn’t even put her in an incubator. They just had her in the crib. So they wrapped her up, and they told me, she’s too small. We don’t think we can save her, we’re not going to be able to do anything,” she recalls.

Thompson now blames the prison management claiming that her baby was alive for a few hours and it could have survived if someone took her seriously, giving her the much-needed medical attention.

Reportedly, the whole case is now investigated, but nothing will bring the baby back.

“Our entire agency is very saddened by what Ms. Thompson had to experience. We absolutely realize how traumatizing and heartbreaking it is to lose a child, and we are deeply saddened, and we grieve with her in the loss of her child. We are confident that the investigation will be completed in it’s entirety, and it will be given a full review, and if there are any concerns they will be addressed,” said Kaley Behl with the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office.

Thompson said she remembers every single detail that day and she is looking for answers what happened that day. The local community is devastated by the incident and fully supports Thompson seeking the truth and justice.