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Jeremy Hutchinson, a former state senator from Arkansas detained in Pulaski County



Little Rock, Arkansas – A former state senator from Arkansas is being held in Pulaski County jail on a $524,000 cash bond after quitting following a federal indictment in 2018.

Judge Alice Gray of the Pulaski County Circuit Court jailed Jeremy Hutchinson on Thursday for contempt for unpaid child support and other costs following his divorce in June 2011.

Hutchinson was ordered to pay $10,500 a month in child support for his two children as well as additional costs, such as college tuition and health insurance. In March 2021, his ex-wife filed a contempt complaint.

The judge ordered an additional $105,897.78 to be paid “immediately,” in addition to the $524,000 needed for jail release.

Hutchinson, the nephew of Governor Asa Hutchinson and the son of former Senator Tim Hutchinson, will be sentenced in federal court on February 3 after admitting guilt to tax fraud in 2019. In the same year, he also admitted guilty to bribery in a federal court in Missouri.

After being charged by a federal grand jury in 2018, Hutchinson gave up his position as a state senator. According to records, Hutchinson left the state bar in 2019.