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Jonesboro police offer advice for buying, selling online



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Jonesboro Police Department provides advice to those who buy or sell online.

JPD Detective Austin Morgan says there are various red flags consumers might spot directly from their phone or computer.

“If they have little information on the person’s Facebook profile, they haven’t sold anything and they’re a little too eager to get you to a certain location that could be a red flag,” he said.

Examining a vendor’s history may be an indication that the seller is legitimate.

“A lot of times, the people that have bought things from them have had the opportunity to leave a review for that seller and if somebody has successfully sold several items, that bodes well that they’re a legitimate seller,” he said.

If the sale is taking place, it is best to meet in broad daylight and in a public place.

Jonesboro has five swap spot locations as well:

• Jonesboro Police Department on 1001 South Caraway Road
• Jonesboro Fire Station #1 on 3215 East Johnson Avenue
• Jonesboro Fire Station #2 on 1413 West Nettleton Avenue
• Jonesboro Fire Station #3 on 2212 Brazos Street
• The Justice Complex on 410 West Washington Avenue

There is a police presence at two of the places.

“I think it would be a red flag if you suggested that somebody meet at the police department, and they refused and wanted you to go somewhere else in Jonesboro that was just as convenient,” he said.

If you’re planning to sell something, document everything, including their automobile and name, and keep in continual contact with your seller.

“The more cooperative and the more forthcoming with information somebody is with you, I feel like, the less likely they are to try to take something from you and the more likely they are to just trying to sell something,” Morgan said.