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Just three days after CDC announced new mask guidelines, Walmart brings back mask mandate in some areas with high number of cases



Just three days after CDC released their new mask guidelines, Walmart decided to bring back their mask mandate for workers in areas with high number of daily positive cases.

Nation’s largest retailer and private employer in an announcement said that the even the fully vaccinated workers in certain areas will be obligated to wear face masks.

Furthermore, the company will also bring back their so-called health ambassadors that will be positioned at the entranced of the stores handing masks and remind the clients to put a mask. An Arkansas based company The Bentonville, will also follow Walmart’s guidelines and also encourages customers to wear masks no matter their vaccination statues in areas with high infection rates.

According to the latest information from the company, they will also double their vaccine incentive to $150. This incentive will be available for workers in stores, clubs, transportation, distribution center and fulfillment centers.

Those who already participated in the program and received $75 for getting the vaccine, will be paid additional $75 to their next paycheck.

The Delta variant has been surging across the country for a few weeks now, but in certain areas the situation seems to be more than alarming. The latest mask guidance from the company comes just three days after CDC recommendation for wearing masks indoor even for fully vaccinated people in areas with high infection rates.

“We continue to watch with deep concern the developments of the pandemic and the spread of variants, especially the delta variant,” wrote Donna Morris, Walmart’s chief people officer, in the memo circulated to employees. “We know vaccinations are our solution to drive change. We are urging you to get vaccinated and want to see many more of you vaccinated.”

According to the Walmart’ spokesman Scott Pope, the company has seen a positive response from the workers since the incentive was announced. However, he refused to say how many of Walmart’s workers have been vaccinated so far. The company expects that with the new incentive, even more workers will decide to receive the shot.

Walmart Inc. said it is also implementing a new process for verification of vaccine status for U.S. workers. It says it will share those details in the future.