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Labor of Love makes sure nobody goes hungry on the holidays



Little Rock, Arkansas – Many businesses made the call to close their doors during Labor day, while people take the time to enjoy their day off.

A local group, Labor of Love, made sure those who might not know where their next meal will come from got fed, even on the holiday. Labor of Love gave away boxed lunches, clothing, and groceries to those in the homeless community in Little Rock.

According to the organizer, Frankie Williams, they have been preparing for two weeks to get all the supplies they need. “We realize that there are a lot of people closed down and the homeless people are not able to eat at this time of the day, and just feed them and let them know that we love them, we care about them,” said Williams.

The boxes filled with, “hot dogs in the boxes, burgers, backed beans, potato chips, and cookies, and we are going to give them a soda and a bottle of water… all the essentials,” stated Williams.

They decided to feed everyone again after their success on the 4th of July, Williams said. “We saw about 100 people that came out on the Fourth of July, ugh homeless people,” said Williams.

They expected even more for Labor Day, he said. “At least 100 or more because we are in a different location, there is more traffic in this area, so we are just going to wave our hands and invite people to come out and join us,” said Williams.

When the clock struck noon, they had a flood of people. One of the people who came out was Mr. Washington, who moved from Chicago a few months ago.

According to Mr. Washington, being able to come to get food made him emotional. “It brought tears to my eyes. you don’t see this every day in Chicago,” stated Mr. Washington.

He was so glad they were also providing clothes, Washington said. “I mean, awesome because I didn’t have any,” stated Washington.

According to Frankie Williams, the day represented unity and coming together to make sure people, like Mr. Washington, know Labor of Love will always have their back.