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Law enforcement officers advise motorists to pay attention to traffic regulations



Jonesboro, Arkansas – Prior to Memorial Day, law enforcement officers encourage individuals to adhere to traffic regulations.

The authorities will be on high alert because there is a risk that the additional wheels will be on the road.

Corporal Zach Kaja of the Jonesboro Police Department reminds motorists that they will receive a penalty if they do not wear their seat belts.

With regard to seatbelt enforcement, Kaja indicated that the state is exerting a great deal more pressure this weekend.

During the week that does not include Memorial Day weekend, Kaja underlined the importance of always wearing seatbelts.

A driver’s wallet can take a significant blow if they are discovered driving without a seatbelt, he added, even if they will not be subject to jail time for their actions.

According to Kaja, “Seatbelts are important to keep you inside the vehicle not only for your own safety but also for the safety of other people who are with you in the vehicle.”

Additionally, he reminds you to avoid driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.




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