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Library in North Little Rock requests millage hike in special election



North Little Rock, Arkansas – Tuesday marked the start of early voting in North Little Rock.

A special election is being held in the city to decide whether to increase the millage for the library system.

The library is now assessed for property taxes at 3 mills, but they are asking voters to support a rise to 5 mills. The revenue would exceed $2 million.

If approved, the funds would be used to upgrade Laman Library’s plumbing and roofing, among other infrastructural requirements.

The children’s entrance would also receive a newly accessible door, and the library system would also extend its operating hours.

Library officials will then transfer funds from the budget to help fix the building if the millage increase fails.

“The services we’ve been providing, the ability to be innovative and try new things, and offer new things to the community might have to take a back seat to infrastructure needs,” said Crystal Gates, Executive Director of the North Little Rock Public Library System.

You can cast your ballot early at the Glenview Community Center, the Laman Library, or the Pulaski County Regional Building.

“Take a date. Take your date out to vote and then you can go to lunch, or you can go to dinner,” said Pulaski County Clerk Terri Hollingsworth.

You will cast your ballot in your designated precinct on election day.

Election day is on February 14, and you must have a photo ID to cast your ballot.