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Little Rock celebrates the opening of new residences and advances the cause of affordable housing



Little Rock, Arkansas – Today marks the official opening of three additional homes as part of the 100 Homes Initiative in Little Rock by the Department of Housing and Neighborhood Programs.

The mayor and the city of Little Rock launched the 100 Homes Initiative in 2022 in an attempt to expand the availability of affordable housing in the community.

“The city of Little Rock has a shortage of homes, affordable housing units around the city, the American Community Survey stated about 25,000 units that we’re missing here in the city of Little Rock and around 55,000 in the state of Arkansas,” said Kevin Howard, Director of Housing and Neighborhood Programs. “So definitely we need this. We’ve developed these 3 homes a little over 24 months ago we were here doing the groundbreaking ceremony and now you see these beautiful homes that we have here.”

With the construction of its 154th house, the effort has already exceeded its initial objective, according to Mayor Frank Scott Jr., and the city is not cutting back on its investments in affordable housing.

“We also have a sales tax initiative that we’re looking at right now within the city of Little Rock, that’s going to put close to 10 million dollars into affordable housing. Because we know affordable housing is an issue not only in the state’s capital city, but it’s also an issue across this nation.” said Scott. “It’s going to take cities to be more intentional about what they do to get things done for their people, and that’s what we’re all about, the people’s business.”

Earlier this year, Scott made his push for the sales tax initiative known.


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