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Little Rock School District thinking about hiring teachers from abroad to fill available vacancies



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Little Rock School District is considering looking abroad as school districts across the state continue to battle the teacher shortage.

About a dozen teaching posts that have been open all year long are currently available in the LRSD. About eight of those posts, according to the superintendent Dr. Jermall Wright, are in special education, followed by a few in math and a few in science.

Because it is difficult to fill those positions, Dr. Wright suggests working with the International Alliance Group, which would provide the district access to a group of teachers from different nations.

“We’re looking for this to be a strategy again to address those content areas those hard-to-fill areas we’ve just been unsuccessful at serving. So this isn’t going to minimize opportunities for anyone else,” Dr. Wright said.

He claimed that adding this resource would help ensure that all pupils receive the high-quality instruction they require.

“The magic in the classroom happens between the teacher and the student and so we need to make sure every student in our district has a teacher to be able to provide them with an adequate and high-quality education that all of our students deserve,” Dr. Wright said.

The following school board meeting will take place on January 26th. Wright anticipates that the discussion will go on and that a vote will then be taken.