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Lonoke authorities released the cause of death of the teenager who was shot to death by police officer last June



The Pulaski County coroner released the report and revealed the cause of death in the June shooting when a teenager was shot to death by police officer.

According to the authorities, the 17-year-old Hunter Brittain died as a result of gunshot wounds in the neck and arm.

The teenager was shot by a Lonoke County sheriff’s deputy in June following a traffic stop. The shooting brought a lot of media and public attention especially when the teenager’s parents decided to hire the lawyers who represented George Floyd’s family now to represent them in court.

The June incident took place on State Highway 89 and Tower Loop Road when a sergeant with the Lonoke County sheriff’s office, identified as Michael Davis, conducted a traffic stop.

For no apparent reason, the teenager got out of the car, “got something out of the back,” and approached the deputy. That’s the moment when the deputy shot the teenager to death.

As usual, internal investigation was conducted and the deputy was fired. The autopsy showed no alcohol or drugs in the system of the boy.