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Man sentenced for medical fraud in Little Rock case



Little Rock, Arkansas – A 57-year-old Steven Hill worked in Little Rock in 2014 promoting compound prescription drugs covered by TRICARE.

During his time with TRICARE, Hill worked for commission, earning a fixed percentage of the amount TRICARE paid for the drugs.

Hill eventually began working with a doctor in the Memphis area who agreed to prescribe drugs from TRICARE in exchange for Hill sharing his commission via payments to the doctor’s spouse.

He has been sentenced to 18 months in prison and forced to forfeit over $345,00 for lying to federal agents.

Within a year, Hill generated over $1 million in TRICARE claims which earned him over $345,727.15.

During the investigation, it was discovered that Hill routed payments to a Tennessee shell corporation formed in the doctor’s spouse’s name.

He denied paying anything in relation to the doctor’s prescriptions when federal agents began questioning Hill in 2017 about payments to the doctor’s spouse