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Man wanted for $2 million wire fraud scheme in Arkansas



Arkansas – Authorities with the FBI are searching for a man, who was last seen in central Arkansas and is accused of committing wire fraud and identity theft.

Jonathon Bryant, along with others all schemed to obtain from Bank of America and other banks through “means of materially false and fraudulent pretenses, representations, and promises,” according to authorities.

Authorities say, the incidents reportedly happened as Bank of America issued unemployment debit cards for various unemployment systems around the country.

One of Bryant’s associates, Madison Clark, was a worker of a company that Bank of America outsourced the debit cards to. While at work, Clark’s duties involved answering questions for consumers and processing claims for unemployment cards.

The scheme took place as Clark removed “fraud blocks” from the unemployment cards and added provisional credit to their unemployment debit card accounts, which totaled over $2 million.

According to authorities, Clark removed the fraud blocks and added provisional credit without their authorization. They also confirmed that each of Clark’s, more than 20, associates each accessed funds that they were not entitled to.

Bryant is described as being roughly 5’8″ and around 185 pounds.

The FBI is continuing their search and asks anyone with information to contact them 501-221-9100.