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Many missionaries from across the nation visit Little Rock to assist with cleanup activities



Little Rock, Arkansas – People working together to aid families whose houses were destroyed by the storm has been evident all week, and on Easter Sunday, that activity is still going on.

In an area that has been left in ruins, cleanup activities are ongoing as wood chips fly and branches are stacked sky-high.

“It’s a tragedy that we have to see our neighbors go through and but we are here to show support and give a helping hand,” volunteer, Jasmine Brown said.

These volunteers are from Arizona and Utah, and they are currently working in the capital city doing what they do best.

“They are here serving a mission from 18 months to two years in the Little Rock area and Arkansas area, and they were called in as part of our volunteer group, but that’s just a big thing we do is service,” volunteer Barry Burton said.

“All of these people need our help right now so we need to do everything we can to lend a helping hand and lift one another’s burdens,” volunteer, Ryan Anderson said.

That meant trimming branches and sprucing up the area on Sunday.

“There were just some trees that were down, we are cutting them up, and dragging the limbs out to the curb,” Anderson said.

“The city will come by and pick it up and it will all go to a facility where they process it,” Anderson stated.

These missionaries stated that they wanted to assist contribute their time and efforts to be the hands and feet of Christ on a weekend when some recall the sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross.

“We try to emulate what Christ would do, we try to love and serve as He did, so it’s important to us to do what we think he would do,” Burton said.