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Married man kills lover colleague and buries the body in his home property, her body was found days after they spent a night together



Flirting, especially between colleagues, is something that most people, in one way or another, at some point in life, have felt on their skin. Some even go а step further and engage in overnight love affairs, without taking into consideration their relationship status or the relationship status of the other person involved.

Thus, a woman employed in a bar, under the influence of alcohol, decided to get into an affair with her married superior, but she did not assume that this story would not have a happy ending for her.

The 32-year-old Amanda V. of Minnesota went missing on August 5th, and couple of days later, officials reported that her body has been found.

According to officials report, her body was found buried at the property of one of her colleagues, who is also her superior with marital status, after she allegedly spent the night with him.

When interviewed by investigators, Amanda’s colleagues said that the day before she was reported missing, they saw her drinking at the bar accompanied by their superior, the 37-year-old R. Paterson, while on shift.

Because she was, as her colleagues said, were “under apparent influence of alcohol,” they decided to stop serving her drinks and as Paterson has been their superior also and they did not want to involve in a verbal fight with him, they just asked them to leave kindly.

Her colleagues additionally said that Paterson offered Amanda a ride home at the moment when they were “kicked out” of the bar. But apparently none of them went home because that same night, they were seen together at another bar very affectionate towards each other, and as witnesses say, “Amanda was rubbing the inside of Paterson’s thigh and Paterson had his arm under her shirt.”

As Amanda was noticeably drunk, employees at that bar offered her ride home, but Paterson said he will take care of her.

Amanda was supposed to show up at work the next day but nobody saw her. Her colleagues called the police, told them the recent event, and the authorities started the search but without luck. Not a word about Amanda.

Paterson started to become suspicious to authorities as he changed his story several times, and after the indications they had that Patrick becomes violent when drunk, he became a suspect.

After obtaining a search warrant, officers immediately went to Paterson’s property to search it. They noticed few parts of the land that appeared to have been excavated recently. When officers approached those parts Paterson told them to check the pond. At that moment officers were sure that he did something horrible to her.

They started to dig the ground and found two white shoes. After continuing excavation, the body of Amanda was found with a hole on her head, and transported to medical examiner’s office. The examination showed that the hole on her head was sustained of a bullet.

Paterson’s wife told investigators that she did not ask him anything about that night as she feared for her life, but was sure that something bad has happened.

Paterson checked himself into a psychiatric facility before being arrested for deliberate murder, but charges has not been filed yet against him.

His wife expressed her condolences to Amanda’s family.