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Memorial Day Weekend, a slight boost for the economy and overture into summer



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – Many local businesses especially in the hospitality industry, finally felt the pre-pandemic vibe this Memorial Day Weekend.

According to them, this Memorial Day weekend was something they have been waiting for more than a year and a half. Local business owners are happy to see people coming in their towns, but they are also happy for the financial boost they experienced this weekend.

“We were hopeful that we would be this robust, but it’s been really great,” said Mayor Pat McCabe, who also owns Hotel Hale on Bathhouse Row.

This year’s Memorial Day Weekend is a complete turnaround compared to last year. Hotel industry was especially hit going from full capacities to almost zero guests.

“There was no business,” he said. “I mean we all have our fixed operating costs, and there was no revenue to cover those.”

But hotel owners can finally see the optimism in tourists after the weekend. According to the numbers from April, Hot Springs more than doubled its revenue compared to last year.

“People are ready to get out and recreate and explore again and Hot Springs is a significant destination location,” said McCabe.

Although the workers shortage continues, hotels and restaurants are looking forward to successful summer in front of them.

“We all have challenges, yes. We all need employees to improve the workforce, to accommodate all of these visitors,” he said.

McCabe reminds everyone to be safe as Covid-19 is still a threat according to him.