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Monday’s Little Rock thunderstorms leaving thousands without power



Little Rock, Arkansas – On Monday, storms left behind damage and thousands of power outages in West Little Rock.

“It just hit out of nowhere. The wind was blowing hard, the water was going everywhere, then the hail came out of nowhere,” said a resident on Napa Valley Drive who lost power, James Wilson.

On Napa Valley Drive, trees are barely left standing, thanks in part to power lines. “It sounded like, I thought it was bombing, I can’t even lie I thought it was bombing cause it was loud,” said Wilson.

A student who lives on Napa Valley Drive, Kamona Phillips, worried about being able to finish her school work on time. “I can’t iron school clothes for in the morning, I got clinicals in the morning, can’t iron my clothes, can’t charge my laptops up, like I’m going to need my watch charged up, can’t do that either. I really don’t know what to do at this point,” said Phillips.

Power lines snapped, and lights were out in another part of West Little Rock, just like thousands of other customers across Pulaski County.

An upstairs bathroom window ripped out of a home around the corner on Stoney Point Court.

According to the Medina Family, help showed up fast, and now it is all about fixing what’s been damaged. “So I just go in and there’s just a hole in our house now. So it was pretty terrifying,” said the homeowner with a bathroom window ripped out, Tracy Medina.

While the storm debris was cleared and crews worked to restore the light, neighbors made the most of their time. “Take our advice and get out here and meet your neighbors and have a good time. Have fun with it because we are trying too,” said Phillips.