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More than decent vaccination rate in children aged 5-11 in Arkansas, more than 7,000 partially vaccinated so far



Arkansas – Since the Covid-19 vaccine for children was approved earlier this month, more than 7,000 children got their first dose of the vaccine so far in Arkansas, latest data shows.

This is very positive for the state since this has been the category with the highest vaccination rate in Arkansas in the last two weeks.

While parents are happy to get their children vaccinated, schools are preparing to open vaccine sites in the premises to make the whole vaccinating process easier for both the children and the parents.

“We want our parents to know that the option is there and it is exactly that, an option,” Jessica Duff, Executive Director of Communications in Pulaski County Special School District, said.

Since school-aged kids started to get approval for the vaccine, PCSSD has held clinics right on campus.

This time around, according to Duff, it’s the younger kids’ turn.

“With the talk of the five to 11-year-old age group coming out and really gaining a lot of traction in the community, we decided that we would hold those at the middle school, for that five to 11-year-old-group,” she said.

Some of the schools that already implemented vaccine sites at schools had their slots filled to almost 80% showing that the best part of the whole vaccinating process in children is the convenience for parents.

“Instead of trying to find a pharmacy and a time that works based on that pharmacy’s availability, we’re just going to go ahead and have it at the school and put it around dismissal time,” she said.

Arkansas Department of Health officials also confirmed that they are working for school districts across to the states to open even more clinics at the schools. The most recent example shows what they have been talking since a month ago, that vaccination sites at the schools will by far improve the vaccination rate in this group.

ADH officials continue to urge parents to get their children vaccinated since we are slowly approaching the holiday season. From what we experienced last year, the holiday period was the reason for the winter surged that seemed to be hardest Covid-19 since the pandemic began.

Vaccinating children will definitely slow the spread of the virus as people spend more time indoors and this especially applies for the family gathering for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year celebrations.