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New Arkansas Office of Outdoor Recreation to be launched, governor announces



Little Rock, Arkansas – Gov. Asa Hutchinson launches new state office designed to support outdoor recreation efforts in Arkansas he confirmed in an announcement on Monday.

According to him, the office will be focused on developing new opportunities to showcase the state’s wide variety of outdoor activities, including fishing, trail activities and cycling. The officer will operate under the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism (ADPHT).

“The Office of Outdoor Recreation provides critically needed support as we look to expand our recreational opportunities in Arkansas and contribute to the state’s tourism value,” Hutchinson said. “These new outdoor recreation offerings illustrate the many opportunities at hand.”

The new program is all about collecting and analyzing data how the outdoor activities in Arkansas affect the state’s economy in general. Knowing this numbers will help future plans on how to improve the state’s recreational opportunities.

“If there’s one thing the pandemic has made clear, it’s that people need the freedom of the outdoors for their health, quality of life and peace of mind, and it helps attract businesses and families to create thriving, livable communities,” Hurst said. “I am looking forward to working with this team to enhance the state’s economy and offerings for the public.”