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New changes made to Arkansas online insurance verification system



ARKANSAS, USA — As a part of legislation passed in 2019, the Arkansas Crime Information Center updated its online insurance verification system.

It will give officers access to more recent information for drivers’ insurance policies.

“It’s real time. They will see if you’ve obtained insurance over the last couple days, that will be reflected,” said Scott Hardin with Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. “If you dropped off the last couple days, that will be reflected.”

The changes for officers include three categories for someone’s insurance status: confirmed, unconfirmed, and advisory.

Confirmed status means there is a valid insurance policy on the car.

Unconfirmed means there is not, or there was a lapse in the insurance policy.

Advisory is for fleet or out-of-state vehicles that officers would not be able to see their insurance policies.

The state will soon start sending out letters of notice to people who do not have insurance coverage on their cars. This letter will also include a $100 fine for an uninsured vehicle.

“Proactively, the state will be sending letters as people fall off or if there’s any lapse in coverage,” said Hardin. “The owner of that vehicle will receive a letter from the state, along with a $100 fine for that lapse in coverage.”

If you are still found without insurance after 30 days, you could lose your driving privileges.

“If they fail to obtain that coverage, then their vehicle’s registration will be suspended,” said Hardin. “So at that point, the vehicle’s owner is gambling, driving without insurance. But then if you’re in a vehicle that’s suspended, it’s extremely risky and certainly not advised.”