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New COVID-19 cases see drop



Arkansas – As the state’s new cases and the number of hospitalized patients continued to decline, Arkansas’ death toll from the coronavirus rose by 32 on Wednesday.

The number of covid-19 patients who were on ventilators also fell, dropping by 11, to 69, after rising the previous two days.

The number of patients on breathing machines Wednesday remained above the recent low of 60 it reached on Sunday, while down by more than two-thirds from its peak in January during the surge of infections from the omicron variant.

The state’s count of cases rose by 559, which was smaller by 134 than the increase a day earlier and just over half the number that were added the previous Wednesday.

Already at its lowest level since Dec. 5, the number hospitalized fell by 17, to 432, its fifth straight daily decline.

“I think we’re continuing to move in a downward direction, which is what we want,” said Dr. Jennifer Dillaha, the state Department of Health’s chief medical officer.