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New Covid-19 guidelines for students and teachers in Arkansas regardless of the vaccination status, and it’s not just the masks



Arkansas teachers and students will have to follow a couple of Covid-19 measures after the Arkansas Department of Education has released the most recent Covid-19 guidelines that will apply for everyone involved in the teaching process.

According to them, masks will not be enough to keep everyone safe and they decided to add additional measures in preventing new infections in the schools.

One of those measures is social distancing. According to the announcement, students are required to keep at least 3 feet from other students 6 feet from teachers.

Furthermore, everyone aged 2 or more will have to wear a mask or a face covering while indoors regardless of their vaccination status. This applies for both students and staff. Those unvaccinated will have to wear masks even outdoors.

While in the school buses, students should be seated alone or only with their siblings.

“All of the things that you’re discussing were implemented in my child’s private school last year and they didn’t have an outbreak, so i know it works,” Claire Brown, the parent of a student in Little Rock School District, said.

He added that these measures should be enough to keep the students safe as well as their parents since many of them are not eligible to get vaccinated. According to him, these measures are proven to work since they were in place at the beginning of the pandemic for adults.

“We shut down the nursing homes and we protected that demographic and now we’re not doing that for children,” Brown said. “I really don’t understand the cost of life and why we don’t value it the same.”