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New email address added by the City of LR for reporting New Year’s Eve unlawful fireworks activity



Little Rock, Arkansas – Just before the New Year’s weekend, city of Little Rock officials want to remind people that using personal pyrotechnics and firing celebratory guns inside the city limits is banned.

According to the city, there are typically more gunshots and fireworks violations on New Year’s Eve, and there are 20% more calls on December 31 and January 1.

The city claimed it has established a temporary email account to report suspected illegal fireworks use in order to speed up reaction times to violators.

According to the city, emergency communications staff will analyze each email sent through the temporary account before assigning it to a Little Rock police officer.

Residents shouldn’t anticipate getting a direct call from an officer, according to officials, who stated they will receive an automated confirmation of their complaint.

They also added that violators will be issued citations and have their fireworks seized if cops really see illegal conduct.

Calling 911 should be done for any suspected gunfire, injuries, or other situations.

The contact number for non-emergency reports is (501) 371-4829.

Emails about illegal fireworks should be sent to [email protected]