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New record high for Arkansas gas prices, diesel fuel



Little Rock, Arkansas –Arkansas gas prices have made another overnight climb to an average $4.54 a gallon.

And another milestone as diesel average price hits a $5.32 average, a record high price and breaking through the May previous highest-ever number for diesel.

Arkansas gas was $4.45 with diesel at $5.26 a week ago. A year ago, it was $2.76 and $3.04 a gallon, respectively.

Montgomery County remains the most expensive in the state for gasoline, averaging $4.87 a gallon — the same number as Monday. Van Buren County at $4.42 is the lowest in the state, despite a 3-cent jump from Monday’s price.

For the center of the state, Pine Bluff’s gas average is $4.53 a gallon and $5.27 for diesel. The latter is still below the $5.35 record price set in May for that city. Little Rock is below the state’s average at $4.48 for gasoline and $5.24 for diesel, in this case, a new high price for diesel.

Hot Springs is $4.47 gasoline and $5.27 diesel, the latter below but within a cent of its record high set June 10 at $5.28.

Nationally, gasoline is up a penny since Monday, now at $5.02 per gallon. California still leads the nation with a $6.44 average. California’s Alpine County, on the Nevada border due east of Sacramento, is the highest at $7.80 a gallon.

Arkansas’ gas average is among the lowest in the country, but Mississippi is lower at $4.53 with Georgia the lowest average at $4.49.

The national average is $5.02, up from yesterday’s $5.01. The national average for diesel is $5.78 a gallon, also a one-cent up-tick from yesterday’s number of $5.77.