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New Iphone SE reportedly coming this March, the first ever SE Iphone to support 5G



New assumptions have emerged for the release period of the cheaper model “iPhone SE”, with support for 5G.

With the iPhone SE model, Apple wants to launch a cheaper version of its phone for all those who do not want to pay a premium price for the classic models.

However, in order to achieve a lower price, Apple had to make some compromises and omit certain features from the cheaper iPhone line. This includes support for 5G, which was missing in the latest model of iPhone SE from 2020.

That, according to the allegations, will change this year. Bloomberg’s Mark Gourmand claims that Apple will unveil the iPhone SE 5G during their March event.

Apple usually hosts several events throughout the year, introducing new products, software or services. The first of these is usually held during March.

According to rumors, the “iPhone SE” for 2022 will keep the same design as the previous “SE” models and will get less CPU upgrade, more RAM, better camera and support for 5G.