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New tiger cub names are up for vote at the Little Rock Zoo



Little Rock, Arkansas – Before the three sisters make their public debut, it is time to name the tiger cubs at the Little Rock Zoo.

The Little Rock Zoo, like other zoos that have welcomed new kids in the past, will let the public choose the names of the three Malayan tiger cubs that were born in June.

The top seven choices for votes were listed by the Little Rock Zoo along with their names and definitions in a Facebook post. According to zoo officials, the names come from more than 400 publicly submitted original ideas.

Tiger cub names and meanings according to the zoo’s website

• Parvati: Hindu Goddess of power, energy, beauty, love, devotion, and motherhood. The name also means “she who dwells in the mountains”.
• Kae: “to invite” or “pure, chaste”. This is also the name of the general manager of the cat conservation group, My Cat, Dr. Kae Kawanishi. This is suggested for her dedication to saving Malayan tigers.
• Hermoine: The heroine from the popular Harry Potter series.
• Nazra: This means “glow and happiness of the face”, “beautiful and radiant”, and “freshness”.
• Sundari: This means “beautiful”.
• Zoya: This name means “life”.
• Dhia: This name means “splendor” or “glow”.

Only 50 Malayan tigers remain in the wild, making them an endangered species. The three females were born to their mother Asmara, according to zoo authorities, who are ecstatic to welcome them.

The general public can cast their votes online or at through October 21.