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North Little Rock mother receives Christmas gifts for her 7 children



Little Rock, Arkansas – Arkansans from all over the state have been asking how they can assist a woman in need in North Little Rock. Brandy Trice, a single mother of seven children, requested assistance on Wednesday night to pay a $700 water bill.

When a toilet leak was discovered by their maintenance worker two months after Trice submitted a work order, Ascend Property Management allegedly refused to pay.

On Thursday, organizations will look for approaches to assist the neighborhood in helping Trice.

According to Dr. LaToya Brooks of Brian’s Closet, her son Brian attended Dunbar Magnet Middle School three years prior to his death. She claimed that helping others is her goal in order to uphold his legacy.

On Thursday, packages containing gifts for the children at Dunbar and Cloverdale Middle Schools were delivered. For these students, Brooks has been delivering gifts since last year. She claimed that witnessing the results brings tranquility.

“To actually see the faces of the kids when they really see it, when they really are in need it does a lot, it does a lot, and I didn’t realize the impact at first,” Brooks said.

According to Brooks, she was able to give each middle school 40 gifts, which is an increase over the previous year’s total.

There were other students who also got gifts besides these middle schoolers. The third annual toy drive was held by members of the future business leaders of Arkansas at Dunbar.

Trice’s tale motivated Charlotte Watson-Joiner, the FBLA advisor at Dunbar, to want to assist. This organization gave Trice and her family food and Christmas presents.

“At first I was a little shy to come forward and be on camera and stuff but I’m glad I did,” Trice said. “I want to set an example and show other people that when you’re going through something like this that there are people out there that will help you.”

Trice was all smiles after receiving the gifts from the FBLA. Her children will have something to look at under the tree thanks to the community’s assistance, she claimed.

“To come home from school and see some gifts under the tree that’s just gonna be amazing for them,” she said.

Trice admitted that she is still unsure of how she will pay her bills, but for the time being she is content knowing that her children will receive something on Christmas Day.

A landlord is not compelled under Arkansas law to do or pay for repairs unless expressly stated in a lease agreement.