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Numerous guests attend the 47th Governor of Arkansas’s inaugural ball to celebrate



Little Rock, Arkansas – On January 10th, the Inauguration Ball attracted a sizable crowd as Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the 47th Governor of Arkansas, assumed office.

While many people were able to attend the event, Tanarah Haney of Tanarah Lux Floral claimed that her company was instrumental in its planning.

“This is the largest inauguration ball that has ever been held in the state,” Haney said. “So it has been kind of crazy and kind of quick but we have had a blast with it.”

Haney claimed that Sarah Huckabee Sanders had the final decision regarding the décor used for the gala.

“She wanted a southern experience, something that felt not pretentious but still felt elegant at the same time,” said Haney. “We achieved that with a beautiful magnolia and of course the state flower, the Apple Blossom.

Dr. Kristin Martin, a participant at the event who works for the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care, gave her reasons for excitement.

“I’m really excited we have our first female governor and just kind of the history that is behind it and what it can do for our state,” Martin said.

She added that she was looking forward to trying the food in Arkansas and catching up with old friends. “I think it’s wonderful for a woman to be able to finally have this role, and I think it also symbolizes a lot of empowerment,” said Martin.