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Numerous people are still stranded in airports and unsure of when they will be allowed to return home



Little Rock, Arkansas – Hundreds of passengers are still stranded in airports after an arctic blast caused havoc across the United States; they have no idea when they will be allowed to return home.

One of the busiest travel periods of the year coincided with the arrival of winter weather.

There are a lot of individuals stranded in the airport with nowhere to go.

“I bet you there was just tons and tons of bags. They have an area that was just nothing but luggage just sitting out there just waiting for people to come pick it up that had been canceled,” traveler, Ryan Bachuss said.

From Huntsville, Ryan Bauchuss and his family traveled by car to Kansas City to see friends in Washington, D.C.

“It had the best access to get a direct flight,” Bauchuss said.

After getting numerous cancellation warnings, they are left without any idea of when they can take a flight.

“The Kansas City airport is just crammed and I went up there today to ask them what is our options and she said, well you are looking at no earlier than Thursday getting out of here if you still want to fly,” Bauchuss said.

On Monday, there were 64 delays and 77 cancellations at the Kansas City airport.

On Monday, there were 11 cancellations and 15 delays in Little Rock.

“You’ve got the storm causing delays, you’ve got people already having to sit and wait and they are doing their best to get the people out that have been there the longest, and so for those of us who have flights that are a little later, you are less likely to get out the later you fly,” Bauchuss stated.

Buchuss claimed that the incident left him scarred for some time.

“I don’t that I will fly anywhere for a while because this is just ridiculous for me,” Buachuss said.

Since there were no rentals available at the airport, according to Bauchuss, they were happy to have their own vehicle so they could drive to meet their friends.

He also added that Southwest Airlines claimed it was also because they were unable to staff the planes to allow them to fly in and out.