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NWS confirms path and damage information for two tornadoes that hit Arkansas



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Natural State is in a state of shock following strong storms that spawned numerous tornadoes and decimated areas of Little Rock and central Arkansas.

National Weather Service workers revealed their findings about two distinct storms that developed in Arkansas on Friday evening on Monday.

Before traveling northeast towards Kanis Road, the initial tornado toppled trees just southwest of Kanis Road at Hartford Street.

According to the crew, the tornado quickly started to intensify as it crossed Chenal Parkway in the northeast, badly damaging a number of apartment buildings off of Napa Valley Road.

The storm caused significant damage to numerous homes and businesses in addition to a retail complex with a Kroger near the North Rodney Parham Road intersection after crossing Interstate-430.

Between I-430 and Cantrell Road, according to NWS workers, numerous homes and apartments suffered major damage, including roofs being torn off and hundreds of trees being uprooted.

Before moving on to the Cammack Village neighborhood, the storm crossed Cantrell around Foxtrot Road and harmed further residences and establishments in addition to uprooting and snapping trees at Murray Park.

Crews reported that hundreds, if not thousands, of trees at Burns Park were uprooted or snapped by the storm after it left Murray Park.

Before moving over Macarthur Road near the Military Drive intersection in Amboy, where more homes and businesses were damaged, the storm crossed I-40 just west of exit 150 and wrecked a new fire station that was still being built among other buildings.

The storm crossed John F. Kennedy Boulevard near Club Road in Sherwood as it continued its destructive journey. The storm finally moved across rural marsh territory approximately northwest of US-67 near the Redmond exit in Jacksonville, passing over Brockington Road north of Kiehl Avenue.

According to NWS workers, the tornado appeared to get stronger while in Jacksonville. Before the tornado moved over the Holland Bottoms State Wildlife Area west of Kerr Station Road, many more nearby homes and businesses had suffered damage.

According to NWS authorities, the tornado moved across southeast Cabot as it left the wildlife area before lifting between Arkansas Highway 321 and Campground Road.

The storm was classified as an EF-3 because it had a path length of 31.9 miles, a width of 600 yards, and speeds of more than 165 mph.

There have been 54 documented injuries and one fatality related to the storm as of Monday. Almost 30,000 people in Pulaski County alone were left without power when the storm passed across the region.

An EF-2 storm also occurred in Stone County in addition to the storm that ravaged Little Rock and Central Arkansas. The storm, according to NWS workers, began 7 miles to the south-southeast of Big Flat and terminated 6 miles to the southwest of Fifty-Six.

According to NWS officials, the tornado measured 2.9 miles in length and 125 yards in breadth, with a peak wind speed estimate of 115 mph.

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