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Officers identified Arkansas family found dead on Christmas Day



Arkansas – Patricia Patrick, Jaquita Chase, Danielle Collins, Levenah Countryman and  Abigail Heflin are the names of the victims whose bodies were found dead at their home near Atkins on Christmas Day, according to officers.

The ages of the victims range from 7 years old to 61 years old.

After a call at 5:14 p.m., police officers arrived at the home in Pine Ridge Road and found the family dead. Later they secured the scene for investigators.

Officers also didn’t reveal who committed the murders or provide details about the manner of their deaths, though they previously said some of them had suffered gunshot wounds.

The Arkansas State Police is assisting the Pope County Sheriff’s Office with the investigation.

The sheriff’s office stated that no arrests have been made at this time for this incident, but they do believe it to be an isolated incident within the family.