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One in a billion: Keanu Reeves donated 70% of his salary from the Matrix movies in leukemia research



The good guy from Hollywood, Keanu Reeves, is among the few who experiences the money he earns in a different way and one of the few whose fame has not changed or is conceited over the years. He is well-known to be lovely and sacrifice for his family, especially for his sister.

The actor’s mother was a costume designer and seamstress, and her regular client was rocker Alice Cooper. Keanu and his sister Kim were very close after growing up together in difficult conditions.

Their father left them when Keanu was two years old and was later jailed for drug possession. The children often moved with their mother, so they lived in Australia, Hawaii, New York and Canada.

In 1991, his younger sister Kim was diagnosed with leukemia, a type of blood cancer that she struggled with for 10 years before entering remission.

Keanu put his life on hold because he became her caretaker, so the Matrix extensions were postponed and Keanu sold his house so he could be closer to her and take care of her.

According to the LAD Bible, the 57-year-old actor donated 70% of his salary from the first Matrix movie from 1999 – a whopping $44 million – to help find a cure for leukemia. At the time, Keanu founded a charity to support people and children living with cancer, but did not associate the organization with his name. Keanu rarely talks about the organization because he does not want to be associated with his character and fame.