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Part of I-40 bridge set to reopen earlier than initially announced, at least one lane to reopen Saturday night



Arkansas – The reconstruction of the I-40 bridge seems to be close to the end and many Arkansas are waiting to fully reopen especially those close the Tennessee border area.

The bridge has been shut down due to repair since May after a crack was found in the span of the bridge.

The bridge that links Arkansas and Tennessee is one of the biggest in the country and one of the most important bridges in the area.

Part of the bridge was initially set to reopen Monday morning, but according to the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s latest information, eastbound lanes of the Hernando DeSoto Bridge over the Mississippi River will reopen to limited traffic on Saturday night.

Span’s westbound lanes are set to reopen on August 6, but officials informed that it might happen earlier than that.

We will update the story as soon as there are more details available.