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Patriots’ Bob Kraft, Bill Belichick dragged into Arkansas suit against ex-coach



The New England Patriots were once accused of scheming to deflate footballs. Now they are being accused of conspiring to deflate salaries.

This time it’s not the quarterback, but team owner Bob Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick who are named. The Razorback Foundation, the athletics arm of the University of Arkansas, on Monday in a heavily redacted amended complaint accused the duo of keeping former Patriots assistant coach Bret Bielema’s salary artificially depressed, and restrained from seeking other employment, so he could continue to collect his release severance from Arkansas. The Foundation and Bielema are countersuing each other over the former Arkansas head coach’s more than $11 million in severance.

“By at least the spring of 2018, Belichick and Kraft were aware that Bielema had entered into the Release Agreement with the Foundation and had knowledge of the terms of the Release Agreement,” the new complaint said. “During…