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Peach drive helps to support local clinic



Jonesboro, Arkansas – The Jonesboro Church Health Center holds a peach drive each summer to collect money for the clinic and its clients.

For residents in Jonesboro and the surrounding areas without access to affordable healthcare, the Jonesboro Church Health Center has been a vital resource since 1992.

Since this is the clinic’s only source of funding, it is extremely significant.

“For a donation of $125, you can have a box of Georgia peaches delivered to your doorstep the day after they were picked,” said Charlott Jones, daughter of one of the founders, Flo Jones.
“They are selected one day, shipped in a chilled truck overnight, and delivered the following morning by volunteers right to your door.”

The fruit drive proceeds and the nominal patient fee are the clinic’s main sources of funding. “There was no charge at first. After that, it increased to $5, $10, $15, and now $20 for a visit, according to Jones. However, we never turn someone away. We don’t charge anyone if they come in and can’t afford it.

One of the earliest volunteers, Dr. John St. Clair, is one of the many volunteers that the clinic depends on. Dr. St. Clair stated, “I think Dr. Rainwater saw the need from a medical standpoint as well. The clinic was modeled after one in Memphis that was similar.”

Dr. St. Clair saw a decline in patients following the Affordable Care Act’s enactment. Still, the clinic carried out its purpose. “The need was still there; there were a number of people who had no insurance at all,” he said.

Jones expressed gratitude for everyone who contributed to the clinic’s success. “We couldn’t do it without the volunteer doctors, the volunteer nurses, our board members. It’s probably 50 to 60 people who help out with the peach drive,” she said. “Just thank you to everybody who’s made the Jonesboro Church Health Center possible. St. Bernards has been a big help to us, NEA Baptist. So, we just thank everybody.”

Charlott Jones stressed that in order for the clinic to carry out its purpose, it is constantly in need of funds and volunteers.

For volunteer opportunities, please contact the Jonesboro Church Health Clinic at (870) 972-4777 or leave a message on their Facebook page.



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