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People in apartment buildings are enduring days without heat when the temperature stays below zero



North Little Rock, Arkansas – The same people are still without heat on Saturday as they try to stay warm and comfy on Christmas Eve.

Sonya Davis, a tenant of Thrive Apartments, said that there was “no heat at all.”

Santa visits a woman in Hot Springs for her final Christmas.
Thursday night marked the beginning of the weekend’s below-freezing spell, which lasted through Saturday. Jason Mullins, a tenant of Thrive Apartments, claimed that “the air conditioners truly suddenly ceased heat, heat just stopped.”

Jason Mullins and Sonya Davis both started attempting to contact Thrive Apartments’ property management.

“I called corporate, I called the regional manager, I emailed the regional manager…nothing. The only help that I received was from a previous resident manager,” Davis said.

“There have been multiple phone calls, couple of work orders, and we even walked down to the office but it was closed,” Mullins said.

They each received space heaters from the apartment to aid in keeping warm.

Even nevertheless, everyone agreed that the nights are still exceedingly chilly.

“I know it was cold in here, it was very cold,” Davis said.

Mullins claimed that his unit only gets as low as 50 degrees, so in addition to his space heater, he has been utilizing his oven as a heat source.

“On the south side of the apartment, we have a lot of windows and its warmer but on the north side, where the wind is, of course the bathroom is, there is a big difference,” Mullins stated.

Mullins reported that despite finally receiving a call on Saturday afternoon, there is still no sign of relief.

“It’s unclear, we don’t know when the heat is going to be back on, it’s going to take someone being on the roof to fix it and they can’t give us a timeline of when that’s going to happen,” Mullins said.

“It’s like Armageddon around here, it really is, and we pay too much, I pay too much,” Davis stated.

Both expressed their frustration with the circumstances.

“We have to be here with no heat, bringing in Christmas and the New Year probably because who knows,” Davis said.

They stated that they merely pray for a Christmas Miracle.

“There’s people who have it way worse than I do, but Santa Claus if you are listening, please stop up on this roof tonight,” Mullins said.

On Saturday, we tried to contact the apartment building, but they were closed for the holiday and did not return our call.

The use of a space heater on Christmas Eve worries both Mullins and Davis, but they are grateful to have anything to try to keep them warm.