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Peters and Senator Boozman introduced the Gerald’s Law Act



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Gerald’s Law Act was presented by Senators John Boozman and Gary Peters on Thursday.

The senators claim that this act is bipartisan legislation that will allow terminally ill veterans who pass away at a non-veteran affairs facility while receiving hospice treatment to also be eligible for funeral benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

At the moment, the agency will pay around $900 toward burial and funeral expenses, but only if the veteran is being treated in a VA hospital when they pass away.

The measure will modernize the rule so that veterans won’t face consequences for dying at home.

Sen. Boozman said, “Veterans who choose to live their last days at home while receiving VA hospice care deserve no less than the full burial benefit. Expanding it will allow them and their loved ones to make end-of-life decisions based on comfort, not on cost, and I’m proud to lead this effort with Sen. Peters.”

Sen. Peters said, “Veterans who have served and sacrificed for our country shouldn’t be denied benefits if they choose to receive hospice care outside of a VA facility. This bipartisan bill would take important steps to fix the VA’s burial benefit system because we owe it to veterans and their families to ensure they can be laid to rest with dignity and respect.”

After a veteran from Michigan was turned down for the non-service-connected burial and plat benefit, the Gerald’s Law Act was created.