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Pine Bluff educator takes therapy program on the road



Pine Bluff, Arkansas –In hopes of making mental health a priority in schools, a former teacher in Pine Bluff is leaving the classroom and taking her skills mobile.

Kenesha Adams is gearing up to launch ‘The Bearapy Mobile’ bringing a new form of therapy to kids in Arkansas. “This wasn’t what I woke up thinking I would be doing two years ago or four years ago,” said Adams.

In 2021, Adams first started her ‘Bearapy’ program after she lost her sister in a car crash. Her sister left behind a two-year-old daughter who was struggling to deal with the death of her mother. “Her situation was not an isolated situation, and she wasn’t the only child that would need this type of support,” said Adams.

According to Adams, she saw a need to help children through their grief.

The ‘Bearapy’ program utilizes teddy bears, each with their own storybook, to teach kids about their emotions. “I wanted stories that talked about social-emotional wellness, that talked about how to articulate feelings, how to handle grief, and how to handle trauma,” said Adams.

According to Adams, the therapy has helped her niece and she is hoping it opens up the conversation about mental health in schools.

The goal is to travel to rural communities across the state, offering therapy opportunities to kids who may not have the resources available, Adams said.

By Labor Day, the bus is expected to be up and running.