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Pine Bluff lifting COVID-19 curfew on Monday



Pine Bluff will lift it’s COVID-19 curfew on Monday, June 1st, according to the Pine Bluff Police Department.

Since March, all non-essential travel in Pine Bluff has been banned from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. to discourage public gatherings. The cities juvenile curfew, which has been in place for years, will still be in effect, according to a news release.

On Friday, city officials asked in the release that the public continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines like hand washing and avoiding large gatherings.

“As always, be safe when in public,” police spokesperson Lt. David De Foor wrote. “Wear a mask if a business requires one or if you are worried about your safety.”

Police also encouraged anyone who is experiencing fever or flu-like symptoms to see a doctor.