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Pine Bluff man receives water bill for almost $20,000



PINE BLUFF, Ark. — A man woke up to quite the surprise when he checked his recent water bill.
Henry Maxwell said he didn’t believe it when he first opened the mail. He really thought it was a joke.

“I looked and I saw 19 and I said oh, they made a mistake,” Maxwell said. “I don’t got to pay but 19 dollars.”

When Maxwell took a closer look at his water bill he took a second to look at everything listed.

It was quite the jump from his usual $50 bill. He said he reached out to Liberty Utilities in Pine Bluff.

“They said they would have another technician to come out and do another reading and for me to call them back about Monday,” Maxwell said.

KARK 4 reached out to the company and asked a few questions, and Liberty Utilities answered back with this statement.

“To protect customer privacy, we do not share information with the public regarding specific customers or their bills. However, if a customer has a question regarding their bill or needs assistance, we encourage them to call us. We are here to help. We can check the meter to see if there is an issue or if a mistake has been made with the meter reading. If we find an error, we will correct it. We can also help customers through flexible payment options or by connecting them with available financial resources.”

Maxwell said he doesn’t have a water leak either. He said he hopes to never see a bill like this again.

“I’ve lived here approximately twenty years, I’ve never seen a bill like this,” Maxwell said.

Throughout this process, Maxwell has been light-hearted and he said it’s because he knows this is a mistake and the company will correct it.