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Pine Bluff’s black rodeo is back, celebrating culture and breaking stereotypes



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – This past weekend marked the return of the Pine Bluff Rodeo Takeover, which showcased the talents of more than a hundred black cowboys and cowgirls from all around the United States.

In an effort to shatter stereotypes and honor the history of black cowboys, Pine Bluff organized the inaugural black rodeo last year.

“If we take back to history, African Americans were the first cowboys,” Bluff City Rodeo Association, President, Daniel Moore said.

Raised in the rodeo tradition, Moore, 21, founded the event after observing firsthand the need to increase the visibility and positive outlets for black cowboys in his community.

“When it comes to culture, blacks have struggled in a lot of ways. And we don’t want to put that stereotype on anybody. However, when it comes to rodeo, we want to be able to get out and compete and have just as much fun as anybody else,” Moore said.

“Trying to get back to the community and capitalize on the utilization of the black cowboys and their part in creating America as what it is,” Pine Bluff Takeover Rodeo, Stock Contractor, Clint Bailey said.

People from all walks of life travel to the city for the rodeo to witness junior competitions, buck offs, bull riding, calf roping, and other events.

“It’s real important because you know, we have a lot of violence, and you know. And to see all people can get along, whether it’s horseback or with the cattle, it’s inspirational to show that you can get along and compete just like football players and basketball players. Because I tell people all the time rodeo was America’s first sport,” Bailey said.

“To have everybody in this one building watching the sport of rodeo, having a good time and being around each other, is just an awesome experience,” Moore said.

Everyone engaged stated that they are inspiring others with their passion for rodeo.

“You always have to go for it. Never stop. Whatever it takes to get it done. Get it done. My philosophy in life is, when life throws you rocks, throw them out of your way and keep pushing. You never stop, just go ahead and do it. If you’ve got $100 and that’s all it’s going to take to start your business and that’s your last dollar, if you know it’s going to succeed go for it,” Moore said.

Beginning in 2025, the Bluff City Rodeo Association intends to revive the event for a full heritage week.




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