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Police investigating after a woman had a near-death experience during an attempted carjacking incident



Little Rock, Arkansas – A woman had a near-death experience last week as she was the victim of an attempted carjacking. According to her accounts, she was held at gunpoint and almost strangled during the incident.

The incident took place at approximately 3 a.m. on Wednesday in the parking lot of McDonald’s on Broadway in Little Rock. The woman, Ashley Pierce, who works for a food delivery service, was inside her vehicle at the time of the incident. She said she was approached by two men, who demanded that she get out of the vehicle.

Her window was slightly rolled down, but enough for one of the men to be able to put his hand through and lower it more. After that, the man put his arm around her neck and put a gun to her chest, threatening her with death if she did not exit the vehicle.

Pierce said that rather than getting out of the vehicle, she tossed the keys down into the floorboard of the vehicle. At that time, the man who had his arm around her neck began to exert more pressure on her.

Pierce said that the men’s demand that she hand up her phone while she remained in her vehicle caused her to have to think quickly. She then allegedly laid on the horn and tossed the phone into the back of the vehicle.

Pierce’s quick thinking helped keep her from being robbed, but despite the fortunate outcome of the event, she was left scarred to death.

Little Rock police said they are looking into the incident and are asking anyone who may have information regarding this case to contact them.