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Police’s message to parents after Russellville elementary students eat possible THC candy at school



Russellville, Arkansas – Following the consumption of candies that may have included THC, three elementary school pupils from the Russellville School District were brought to the hospital.

The incident took place at Dwight Elementary School on Tuesday morning, which prompted the Russellville Police Department to launch an investigation.

Officer Andrew Reeves of the Rochester Police Police stated that the department is seeking to gather information on where the product was obtained by the parents of the student who brought it to school.

“When you have kids, you need to be responsible for what they can get their hands on,” Reeves said.

He stated that the RPD is also investigating what took place in the home prior to the child arriving at school.

Using THC in Arkansas is against the law unless you have a valid medical card and a prescription from a physician recommending its use to treat an underlying disease.

“I would even advise not to eat it in front of your kids or take it in front of your kids so they can’t see you eating a candy they may want to try,” Reeves said.

Another useful piece of advice to “keep them out of sight and out of mind” is to store them in the same place as the rest of the medication in the house.

Additionally, Reeves recommended having a conversation with your child about these things if you happen to be in possession of them.

“Giving them a little bit of knowledge on the situation, it’s going to help go a long way,” Reeves said.

Kindergarteners all the way up to fourth graders can get their education at Dwight Elementary. Reeves was unable to comment on the ages of the children or the grades they were in due to the current inquiry; however, he did state that they were all in good health.

He stated that once the RPD completes its investigation, it would hand the findings over to the prosecutor’s office so that they may assess whether or not any additional action has to be done.

The Russellville School District refused an interview request but did indicate that once the parents of the students involved were told, they sent out a message to the other parents notifying them of the issue. Despite this, the district did not comment on why they declined the request.