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Prices for gas decline in advance of Memorial Day



Jonesboro, Arkansas – Good news for drivers as the Memorial Day weekend draws closer.

According to, prices in Arkansas dropped by an additional 1.6 cents per gallon over the previous week, to an average of $3.08.

That is 0.8 cents a gallon more than last year, but 13.6 cents less than what drivers paid a month ago.
The national average dropped to $3.55 a gallon, also by 3.5 cents.

“The good news doesn’t necessarily end there, either,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy.

Before July 4, he predicted that gas prices would remain “far below record levels” and decline.

“While the Middle East, hurricane season, refinery maintenance, and any other unexpected disruptions or weather remain wildcards, this summer is shaping up to be mostly favorable for drivers hitting the road,” he concluded.


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