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Program designed to provide lifesaving training



Jonesboro, Arkansas – An introduction to the prospective regional training center was given at an event held at the Embassy Hotel by a local security and training business.

In order to better prepare individuals for emergencies, Proventus intends to employ cutting-edge technology-based training, such as augmented and virtual reality.

The project intends to integrate healthcare, education from K–12 to higher education, law enforcement, and the military.

The objective, according to Proventus CEO Michael Stern, is to create traumatic scenarios during the training to assist participants in appropriately handling themselves in stressful situations.

“That will teach people to think through those scenarios and make the correct decision on how to protect themselves and others,” said Stern.
Stern stated that the new method has shown to be successful.

Marty Foldes, the Director of Security Operations at Proventus, stressed that the training will save fatalities.

“Getting them trained and getting them trained properly is what we want to do,” said Foldes.

In order to enable people to carry out their work and safely return to their families, Foldes emphasized the significance of providing them with the necessary skills to negotiate the intricacies of today’s society.







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