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Pulaski Co. Regional Detention Facility adds new body, mattress scanners



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office places a high priority on safety.

They recently made an investment in that objective by upgrading the Regional Detention Facility’s technology.

Visitors and inmates will now pass through some brand-new scanners that pick up on more than just loose cash. It is commonly known that you will have to go through a metal detector when you try to enter the facility.

The facility’s security system just received eight additional scanners from PCSO: four body Clear Pass scanners and four mattress scanners.

Just like the old scanners, the new technology can detect metal, but it can also detect smuggled items like narcotics, phones, and other contraband by using small amounts of x-rays.

It’s only one step in ensuring that the detention center is as modern as possible to keep everyone inside secure, according to Pulaski County Sheriff Eric Higgins.

“It’s so important that we upgrade our facility,” Higgins said. “We try and make it safer not only for the deputies that work here but also for the people who are detained in this facility.”

The new system, according to the Sheriff’s Office, has already detected two instances of individuals concealing drugs on their person, one of which was in the subject’s mouth. The scanner has also detected that an arrestee who was involved in a car accident had a broken wrist when they were brought in.

To ensure the detention center is as secure as possible, the Sheriff’s Office is also trying to improve the central control system, the machinery that manages things like doors.