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Pulaski County taxpayers could see property tax increase



Pulaski County, Arkansas – The Pulaski County taxpayers received a reappraisal notice from Assessors Office.

According to Stephanie Ford, a Pulaski County resident, she pays anywhere between $20 and $40 on her property taxes and that she’s concerned it will go up again next year.

“They went up this year and I own two homes and three vehicles,” Ford said. “So it’s affecting me and everything is going up except my wages, but I just can’t afford it.”

According to Karla Burnett, director of Pulaski County Tax Assessors Office, her office is required to value property at its current rate in the market and must do it on a 3 or 5-year schedule.

Record-breaking real estate sales have contributed as a large factor to the market value of houses in the county, Burnett said.

She said the Notice of Real Estate Value Change that will be sent out the week of July 11th – July 15 will contain information such as:

  • This year’s appraisal value
  • Last year’s appraisal value
  • Assessed value (Which is 20%of market value)
  • Taxable value

“We decided to send one to all taxpayers, everybody is being sent a notice whether their property value increased, decreased, or did not change,” Burnett said. “But we did see a significant increase in the county. I believe it’s around 167 thousand parcels that will see some value change on their property.

According to Burnett, more than 80 thousand people across the county will see a $50 or less increase in their taxes.
“If it’s your principal place of residence your taxes can not increase or your value can not increase more than 5 percent per year,” Burnett said. “If it’s not your principal place of residence it’s still capped at 10 percent unless you have recently purchased the property or you have done a significant amount of renovation to the property.”

Anyone who believes the estimated market value is incorrect that they can contact the Pulaski County Assessor’s Office at 501-340-6170 or visit to speak with someone online.