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Residents of Bald Knob spend Memorial Day tidying up after the storm



Bald Knob, Arkansas – This Memorial Day, the scent of trees filled the air on Bald Knob’s Clark Road rather than the aroma of barbecue.

Parts of Bald Knob saw the force of a tornado on Sunday night, with White County under a tornado warning.

Although it’s not how the residents of Bald Knob planned to spend Memorial Day, storm cleanup is the reality.

Despite the destruction, David Jordan is relieved that he isn’t being recognized on this anniversary in honor of those who have lost their lives. A tree crashed into his house.

“Sounded like a big bang of thunder or an explosion,” Jordan said.

Minutes before he got up, David Jordan was in his living room when a huge tree cannon balled right into him.

“I went to check the cake I was making so we could have Memorial Day dinner,” Jordan said, explaining why this holiday means so much to him.

“I’ll never forget the meaning. My dad served in World War II,” he said with tears in his eyes.

Kayley Treciak, who lives two houses down from Jordan, is grateful that her house hasn’t been destroyed.

In her front yard, a tree was uprooted, but instead of crashing on her house, it sat on another tree.

“You could be living your day-to-day life and the next thing you know in five minutes it could be over,” Treciak said.

Jordan and Treciak consider those who sacrifice their life for us during this erratic storm, which helps them to put the holiday in perspective.

“I will always remember our fallen soldiers,” Jordan stated.


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