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Residents who were impacted by the tornado still receiving assistance from volunteers



Little Rock, Arkansas – Relief operations are still underway in Little Rock following last week’s hurricane, which left hundreds without a place to live or basic essentials.

Since last Friday, volunteers have been trying to give residents everything they need to survive.

“We’ve had over 100 people come who aren’t members of the church, who aren’t associated with the city center have just shown up,” said Steven Smith, pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church. “It is the city coming together, it is human nature.”

Although volunteer Cindy Signaigo appreciates her work, she felt differently about this call to action.

I’ve talked to millions of people throughout this week and their whole home is gone,” said Signaigo. “I do live in West Little Rock so it is personal to come together as a community and get through it.”

Each citizen has a unique need, according to Signaigo, and it is their responsibility to determine how to meet it.

“From losing everything to just needing a place to stay, needing food, needing clothes, what to do with their kids, there is everything,” said Signaigo. “The City of Little Rock has sent so many different agencies here to help so we are all doing the best we can.”

It was never a question of stepping in to assist, according to volunteer Stephanie Osborne.

“I don’t know why I wouldn’t. They were handing out bracelets yesterday that said ‘had to help’,” said Osborne. “I mean, you have to help. We live in Breckinridge which is down the street from the Kroger that was destroyed. It is our community.”

There is always a space for everyone, according to Osborne, who said that they had had approximately 500 volunteers in total per day.

“Keep an eye out on what the current needs are because they are changing by the hour what we need,” said Osborne. “Whether it is baby formula, clothes, or food, just keep an eye out. They are putting it out on social media and the website and just do what you can.”

The City of Little Rock will keep updating its social media channels.

Anyone interested in volunteering can do so on the municipal website, or they can drop off donations at the Immanuel Baptist Church Municipal Center, which is located at 501 N. Shackleford Road.