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Rison impacted by storm damage on Wednesday night



Rison, Arkansas – Heavy storms on Wednesday night in Rison reportedly caused pieces of a metal building to be blown onto a pickup truck close to Main Street.

According to Mayor Charles Roberts, the location of the demolished building is often a tidy, vacant alley. Authorities are attempting to identify the building’s origin.

“We’re tough people down here,” Roberts said. “I’ve got the entire volunteer fire department out here. That’s made up of guys that work for the city, guys that run businesses here in town and they’re searching building by building with flashlights documenting the damage and looking for anybody that may be injured.”

The community has not yet fully recovered from this year’s ice storm, according to Roberts. He stated that the city and the Arkansas Department of Emergency Services are scheduled to meet the following week.

Trees were reported to have fallen southwest of Rison, causing damage to numerous roofs in the region. There have been no reported injuries. offers a state-wide view of outages.